Artist Statement

An Invitation to Play

In the quest to become the most perfectly fulfilled human being, real life gets in the way. The dog got into the trash can, then barfed on the clean carpet.  Your daughter caught the flu.  The school principal calls to talk to you about your child’s behavior issue.  Someone used your credit card fraudulently. The computer dies with no backup. Your job becomes difficult. Your home needs repairs. The car breaks down. You drop your phone in the toilet. It’s not easy, but this is when it’s important to remember your connection to joy.  Life challenges show up, they always do: dance and sing whenever you can.

Within the patterns and images of this work lies an invitation to play, to feel joy.  I was a typical first born, yearning for achievement and willing to work for it.  I found success in many endeavors, but with such a strong focus on work, I often forgot how to play. Everything took on such a serious tone, there was little time for downtime, for wasted time, for play time.

The Marcia Brady daisies are play and lightness.  The rectangular shapes provide a sense of order. Together, work and play are balanced.

I paint Japanese papers with brilliant colors, cut them up and reassemble them into abstract patterns that invite you to smile and find your joy, even if it’s just for a minute.

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