Artist Statement

We are surrounded by water, it is integral to our landscape.   As a child, going to the beach was nirvana.  During the summer, I lived with my grandparents where the decor was fancy and children were seen and not heard.  Things were meant to be kept neat and tidy and children were meant to play quietly.  But at the beach, all rules faded away as we ran and screamed to our heart’s delight along the damp sand and foamy surf.  The sound of the waves, the salty air and the sheer sense of freedom were intoxicating.  Anything was possible near the water.

As an adult, I’m still drawn to the water’s edge, to find peace, hope and a sense of possibility.  Waves lull me into a silent meditation as I connect with the multitude of soft colors and reflections waltzing across the water’s surface.  

In my work, I paint Japanese papers with brilliant colors, slice them up and reassemble them into a variety of waveforms. I reconnect with the sensation of being in the water, feeling supported and carried by the waves.

The experience of water is a universal one, transcending cultures and language. It is my hope that this work provides a moment of peace, relaxation, and joy to anyone who stops to gaze and take it in.

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