IMG_8621I’m a self-taught artist, living in Redmond, WA. With a full time job, two teen children and a very enthusiastic dog, I used to compare my life to hanging on to the outside of a giant freight train, barreling down the tracks at frightening speeds.  Letting go meant being tossed down a very steep, rocky hillside to grave injury or death.

Hanging on was equally challenging, slamming into the side of the rail car, wind, dust, rocks and narrow tunnels keeping me alert and anxious about what was next, with no stops in sight. Thankfully, things have changed for the better.

As I’ve worked to re-prioritize my life, I’ve been able to de-board the frenetic train and find a better balance between the demands of my job, my family and my studio time. I’ve learned to let go of unnecessary tasks, and focus on those things that really matter.

My studio time energizes me . This is where I find a voice to articulate what I often don’t even realize is there until the painting is done.  Isn’t it amazing when you discover something new?  Painting is where I find my joy and I love sharing that joy with friends, family and anyone who is willing to listen. My work is an invitation to play; are you up for the challenge?

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