I blame it on my brain…

My studio practice has been on hiatus.  Why?  I blame it on the female brain.  They say that the female brain is designed to multitask. (Mark Gungor: A tale of two brains) This is a blessing and a curse.  It allows me to easily handle multiple priorities, but it also causes me to stress when I’m doing the dishes, looking out from my kitchen window into the front yard, and seeing the overgrown mess of vegetation staring back at me.  Realtors like to call this ‘deferred maintenance’.  I saw it as an overgrown mess of trees, vines, blackberry bushes and several not-so-nice wasp nests.

First step: remove a few smaller trees and large bushes.

Even after the trees were removed, there was still quite the clean-up effort required, as well as the need for a new fence.

Following several months of pulling weeds, disposing of weeds, branches and overgrowth, having a fence built, staining said fence, and starting some plantings, the front yard has finally started to take shape.

(Link to video)

For the past 9 months, this was my studio and my art practice was landscape design.  This is likely a 5-7 year garden, as I envision hydrangeas, rhododendrons and a variety of ferns growing in this peaceful oasis. However, I can now do my dishes stress-free.

As the long summer days begin their exit in the Pacific Northwest, sunrise is now at 6:20 am (13 hour days) instead of those 5:11 am sunrises in June (16 hour days).  Quite a big change to have lost 3 hours of daylight in 2 months, but that’s the beauty of living here: extraordinary summer days.  Like the busy ant, it’s time to get the studio ready for the fall.  It’s now fully unpacked and calling me to work indoors!

What projects seem interesting?  What’s the next mural proposal? I have several projects in the works and everything’s still up in the air.  I’ll let you know as soon as the news comes in.

For the time being, I wish you a wonderful rest of your summer and share with you the finished mural inside the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal.  See you in September!

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