All of them!

Day 3 at the Ferry Terminal

The work today was to adjust the colors to ensure cohesion and what I call ‘getting along-ness’.  Colors look great out of the tube or can.  But once you put them next to each other in a composition, it’s super easy for things to go awry.  Highly saturated colors next to each other will often fight for attention,  too many strong colors and you don’t know where to look, too many muted colors and your eyes get bored.  In the end, I mixed 5 new colors to unify the composition.

Passengers today were smiling and said lovely things about the mural:

“How nice, are you going to decorate all the walls?”

“I was just at the Surf Incubator and here you are making waves!”

“That is so cool”

“Good job!” with a fist pump (from a 4th grader who was returning to Seattle after a field trip to Islandwood)

My favorite conversation was with a small 4-5 year old girl who said the painting was beautiful.

“What’s your favorite color on the wall?” I asked

“Pink” she replied

“Which one on the wall?” her mom coached

“All of them!”

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

20180201_114156Hard at work!



End of the day!

Tomorrow, I touch up any odd spots and do the line work, which should finish up the project.  Also, if you’re in the Bainbridge Island area, the Kitsap Sun should have an article published on the project.  I talked to a reporter yesterday and pictures were taken!



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