Art is for Everyone

As I settle in to my new life as an empty nester, my art is changing as well.  I find that, while having art in my home is lovely, I’m drawn to public art and murals.  It’s lovely to see work when you’re out and about, and to have a conversation about it as a natural part of the day.

I’m reminded of a collaborative mural I worked on with a neighbor (Joyce!) and the principal at Twin Creeks Elementary School (San Ramon, CA) over 10 years ago.  We invited students to make a piece of art that illustrated their favorite activity.  21 submissions later, we were busy getting the wall ready for the project.

First, the wall needed to be prepped, with paint and primer.

Then, we drew in the students’ drawings and created a paint by number outline making it easy for students to paint parts of the mural

Finally, on the big day, each class came to the mural to spend some time painting portions of the mural.  It took several dedicated parent volunteers and teachers to coordinate the day and what a day it was!


The final mural project was both beautiful and satisfying and really drove home the idea that art is so much more fun when it is shared with others.



Stay tuned as there are more mural projects in my future!

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