Love me forever

love-me-foreverIf you’re in the Seattle area between now and January 8th, I highly recommend the Yves Saint Laurent show, even if you’re not into fashion.  From his paper dolls, to his collection boards and fashions, Yves Saint Laurent was never afraid to challenge the status quo.

“When I introduced the pantsuit for the working woman, it caused quite a stir in America. In New York’s famous 21 Club, a woman wearing pants and a tunic was turned away. To be admitted to the dining room, she had to check her pants in the coatroom and wear just the tunic – leaving her, in essence, in a mini-dress.”  — Yves Saint Laurent
The Love Me Forever dress was meant to be a wedding dress.Such important words boldly emblazoned on a wildly patterned dress, but might they be empowering the woman wearing it? The dress makes the demand that a mate love her forever, which is reasonable enough for a marriage ceremony. Contrast this with a traditional wedding dress: in its whiteness and purity, it’s supposedly proof that the bride is good enough and pure enough to be taken in by her mate. When you think about it, the contrast is startling; it’s not just fashion, it’s a social commentary!

Another favorite was Barbie wearing YSL’s Mondrian dress.  The 1960’s bob, her fashion forward sense.  Finally, a Barbie I can relate to!

This dress (from the YSL Bambara collection) shows an appreciation for African abstraction. One friend of mine thinks that this dress might have inspired the Star Wars Wookie!

Finally, one of my favorites was YSL’s collection boards.  Seeing the process of how a collection is put together was fascinating. I’m sure there was lots of drama and angst before the final board was decided, but isn’t that the heart of the creative process?  The not knowing?

A key message I took away from this show is that strong art is a collaborative process.  As I continue my work as an artist, I am ever thankful for those of you who have provided me with your support, your insights and your feedback.  Thank you for being on my list, thank you for collecting my work, and thank you for all of your lovely comments from past newsletters. I am successful because of you.

On this second day of Winter, 2016, with the shortest day of the year behind us, I send all of you a heart-felt wish for a wonderful holiday and a fabulous new year 2017.

With much love,

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