I choose, you choose, we have chosen…


So many of us (including me) wanted this election to be over.  Well, it’s over, but something else much bigger has begun.  So many fear that their voices will no longer be heard in the new political climate.

I asked myself: what can I do, just an artist, just a mom, just another person on this planet?  I have little to no control over the big picture.  But in the back of my mind, a voice whispers: you have a choice. Every day, you can choose to be the person you want to be.

I am offered an infinite number of choices at every moment:

  • I can choose love, because the alternative is unbearable
  • I can choose peace, because violence is never a solution
  • I can choose compassion, because everyone is vulnerable at one time or another
  • I can choose kindness, because not only is it nice for the receiver, I am lifted as well
  • I can choose openness, because being closed is like a narrow path that eventually spirals into a dead end
  • I can choose resilience, because to remain down means giving up
  • I can choose to believe in the human spirit, because I see examples of it every day and want to help spread that spirit
  • I can choose to speak my truth, because every voice is important

To remind myself, I’ve started work on a new, smaller series around this theme.  Stay tuned!

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