Work in progress…


Hello Impasse, we meet again.  I was so in love with the original Idea only to find that it’s left me here, at this fork in the road. Idea, meet impasse.  Impasse, Idea.

I feel betrayed dear Idea.  You were supposed to take me to the end of this piece of work. It was going to be brilliant and amazing.  But you abandoned me here to Impasse and I see her, laughing her evil mwa-ha-ha laugh while I sit and watch Idea fade into the background. I want to shake my fist with rage, but Idea’s like a dog who’s cleverly escaped his collar, wagging his tail with an ‘I dare you to chase me’ dance in is step.  Idea is gone, she’ll come back when she’s ready and I don’t have a choice about it.  Dang it!

So, dear Impasse, now we’re playing chicken.  I have no intention of backing down.  The one thing I do know is that every time we meet, if I stay patient and open long enough, you’ll offer a surprising way through and then gently back down with a knowing smile.  As much as I would like to hate you, you’ve encouraged me to cross boundaries and limitations I never knew existed.

While part of me still finds you to be the most irritating neighbor ever, dearest Impasse, the rest of me is waiting to find out what’s next. Carry-on luggage stowed, tray tables in the upright position, seat belt fastened, here we go!

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