The Place of Not Knowing

gillian alain wedding

I was recently introduced to an idea: the place of not knowing.  It’s about being OK with not knowing.  In a time when you can instantly google anything and everything, there doesn’t seem to be much tolerance around not knowing. What an intriguing idea!

What if it were OK to not know what to do or what was next? What if it were OK to just sit in that space of not knowing and allowing things to evolve? Does everything require an immediate solution? At first I thought, how silly.  But the idea has started to grow on me.

In my studio, allowing for not knowing has made more space for creativity and new ideas. In the past, some of my best work has come from a place of not knowing. When in the place of frustration and not having an answer, if I get quiet and allow the work to evolve, so many interesting possibilities rise. I discovered that staying in this place, no matter how counter intuitive and uncomfortable it may feel, allows things to evolve and new ideas to emerge.

So this is my new mantra:  whenever possible, I’m going to remind myself to be OK with not knowing, both inside and outside the studio. I wonder what surprises await?

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  1. is this from e. fay jones in arkansas? if not, motif taken from there. drove hours across arkansas to see it, on my way the the pacific NW…. long story. when i got there, a wedding was starting in a few minutes. how could i have known??? begged for a quick peek. they kindly said yes. probably only special trip make in twenty years, as an architect, JUST to see a building. he was that good. think he won an AIA gold medal, but sure not gonna look it up. im done with all that. however, love your art! outstanding cynthia!!

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