The nearly-blind marathon runner


Still in progress, but a little bit closer.  I’m reminded of a story about a nearly-blind marathon runner.  This marathoner was able to see large shapes and vague colors, but she only saw things that were close by.  Her running partner helped guide her through the streets.  While the finish line wasn’t visible to her, she knew it existed and took every step needed to get there.

I find this story so inspiring and use it often to stay motivated when I work.  I start with sketches and the dream of what I want the painting to be.  Then, the under-painting sets the rough composition.  Somewhere along the line, the painting takes shape and at some point, I often get stuck.  We’re at odds.  I have my idea of what the painting is supposed to be and the painting has its own idea of what it wants to be.

The work is in the letting go of my original idea and allowing the painting to evolve.  Not always an easy task for someone who likes to be in charge.  But I find that the more I let go and allow things to flow, the better the quality of the work. I  have to trust and allow myself to be led through the streets, taking one step at a time, knowing that there’s a finish line waiting for me.  I’m hoping that it’s close by.

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