Building up muscle

Open Studios is done and it’s time to get back on track and the studio back in order.  I’ve been procrastinating for the last 3 weeks and I want to thank my friend Kim for coming to visit yesterday, as I now had a deadline.

I’m reminded of the concept of decision fatigue: the notion that the human brain has a decision muscle that wears out; that the quality of decisions usually declines as the day progresses.  It may be why I stick to my eating plan most of the day until 4:00 rolls around, then all rules go out the window.  I think that cleaning up also wears out that decision muscle, especially the type where you have a table top filled with piles of stuff that need sorting and organizing. What do I give away?  What do I throw away?  What do I keep?  Where will I put the stuff that I’m keeping?  How will I store it?  Will I really follow through on that project I thought was so great last y ear?

Taking a big breath, I got to work and it got easier as I moved through the piles.  90 minutes later, the studio area was orderly . Kim got to enjoy my studio space, the work and complimented me on how neat the space looked.   Added bonus:  I’m ready to make more art.  Yahoo!


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