Books and Daisies

Contemporary seting

In many 1960s ads for cars, there was often a shapely young woman clad in a bikini nearby.  Of course, the rational mind knew that the girl in the bikini wasnot included with the car. However, one has to wonder what the more primitive part of the brain was thinking?
Now it’s 2016 and here’s Wallace sitting next to a contemporary couch admiring the latest in the series ‘I am not June Cleaver’.  Well, he was admiring the painting until I called his name so that he would look at the camera. My guess is that he’s not thinking about the painting, but of the treat that’s in my pocket and how much longer he’ll have to sit and wait while I fiddle with the camera. It’s definitely a symbiotic relationship: he gets treats and snuggles  and I get fun photos that help promote my work (most of the time!)

This piece is the second in a new series called ‘I am not June Cleaver’. The title references the mythical perfect housewife/mother of the 1950s, June Cleaver. So many women attempted to live up to this impossible standard. Those who got there were exhausted. Others who tried but didn’t quite make it felt inadequate.  And the sensible ones never gave it a second thought.

This work is about finding balance between work (in the form of rows of library books) and play (in the form of 1970s daisy shapes).  Together, they dance and create movement. Finding balance these days is so important but so challenging.  What defines balance today can easily go off the rails tomorrow. These crazy daisies remind me to stay flexible because everything stays the same until something changes.  Yikes, this is harder than I thought….

I’m thrilled to be launching this new work at the annual Kirkland Artist Studio Tours on Mother’s Day weekend (May 7-8) at Ryan James Fine Art Gallery in Kirkland, WA.   You can find more details on my website, or you can always email me with questions.

If you’re in the mood for a more contemporary look at car ads, here’s one from 2011 that may make you smile.

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