Three steps forward, one step back…

What does it take to create a large painting?  I’m in the process of producing a large (3′ x 5′) piece and it’s proving to be an interesting experience.

First, I started with a sketch:

step one

Nothing too fancy, just an idea.  Next, I decided on the colors and sizes of paper needed to support the design.  Then, it was time to paint the Japanese papers ans start the layout.

step two

Pleased with this beginning, I continued…
step four

And now I find myself a bit stuck.  I’ve committed the cardinal sin of creation:  I’ve fallen in love with the interim results, and now I’m afraid to take the work forward, in case ‘I ruin it’…  I know better.  I’ve been here before.  I find myself doing anything else (including writing this blog post) other than being in the studio working on this piece.

‘Get back on the horse’ I hear a voice from afar, nudging me back to the studio. ‘But I’m hungry, and there’s laundry to do, and wait, my friend posted something really interesting on facebook that I meant to read, and PBS just posted another episode of Grantchester’ another voice replies.

What am I to do?  OK, decision made: I will finish this post, grab a quick lunch and go sit in the studio to solve this piece today.  No excuses.  I’ve done this before, I can do it again, I think…

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