Catch the Wind

Lait_Catch the Wind_12x36_small_2016Catch the Wind
12″ x 36″

I know, it’s way past Fall and Spring is right around the corner, but I have such lovely memories of the giant leaves that are dropped from the nearby maple trees.  Some are as big as 10″ – 12″ across.  Amazing!

The wind is another marvel here in the Pacific Northwest.  It blows storms in, it blows storms out.  When my windows are open, the wind snakes through the trees and they creak in protest as they are nudged aside to allow the wind to continue on its way.  I keep my fingers crossed that we are spared another power outage.

After a windstorm, the streets and trails are littered with branches, twigs, leaves and needles of all sizes.  Wallace pulls on his leash so that he can thoroughly sniff every new item on the trail.  What in the world does he find among the branches?  Bird tracks?  Squirrel trails?

In any case, Mother Nature orchestrates the rhythm of the seasons as they continue the march through the year.  I love my season tickets!



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