Red Sea

Red SeaRed Sea
January, 2016
36″ x 12″

Over the holiday break, we went down to Cannon Beach for a few days.  Friends are surprised: you’re going to the beach in the winter?  Yes, it’s an awesome time to go!

As weather systems moved in and out over the coastline, I marveled at how the ocean changed color within minutes and from different vantage points: from stormy, murky brown and grey, to  a deep pensive emerald, to a majestic joyful blue.  It’s hard to turn away from the seascape even when your ears are cold and your eyes are watery.

Wallace, my faithful frisbee chasing Lab had a grand old time.  Even when the ocean claimed his frisbee and took it out to sea, he continued to jump in, look for it and return to shore with a questioning look on his face: ‘Where did you throw it?’.  It took several treats and a running race back to our room before he gave up his search.  It was my fault, I threw it too far and didn’t account for the multiple waves and currents.

Some say that the Red Sea got its name from a bacteria that grows near the water’s surface.  Whatever the reason, these waves are symbolic of the awe I feel when I am on the shores of a beach.  The movement of the water, the shapes of the waves, the salt in the air and the crash of the ocean against the shore. It doesn’t get better than this.

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