Raindrops (Keep Falling on My Head)

November, 2015
36″ x 24″

I take Wallace (my dog) out for walks very early in the morning.  It’s dark and it’s hard to tell what the weather is like.  So I look for puddles.  If I see the familiar rings vibrating across the top of the puddles, I know I should prepare for wet weather.

Wallace doesn’t seem to care what the weather is doing (He’s a Lab).  His nails click on the floor as he does his happy dance while I suit up for another outing in the fresh, wet air.  It’s all part of the fabulous ecosystem we live with here in the Pacific Northwest.  The rain keeps our trees healthy, our plants growing and the streams alive with frogs in the Spring. Friends who don’t live around here ask ‘but doesn’t it rain a lot in Seattle?’  With a broad smile, I reply, ‘Yes it does, and it’s amazing’.

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