Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones largeStepping Stones 
May, 2015
24″ x 6″

When I come across a challenge, if I’m tired, I see them as stumbling blocks.  Why was there so much traffic on my way home today?  Why can’t this company get my bill straight?  Why is the grocery store out of my favorite chocolate?

What if, instead of seeing these challenges as stumbling blocks, I saw them as stepping stones?  The traffic allows me to spend more time listening to my audio book and I can encourage my kids to start cooking dinner without me.  My bill snafu allows me to practice patience with a new service representative, and I can do short 1 minute breathing meditations when I’m put on hold. If the grocery store is out of my favorite chocolate, maybe I need to spend more time in the produce aisle?

Changes happen one step at a time.  Opportunities are all around, I just have to pay attention.

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