Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation
October, 2014
12″ x 12″  Acrylic on Panel

The only tropical vacation I’ve ever been on was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during college Spring Break with my best friend Leslie.  My memories include hot and muggy weather, extreme poverty, taxi cabs with holes in the floorboards so that you can watch the road pass by while you’re being taken to your destination and delicious lemonades.

On the last day of our vacation, Leslie and I watched the bartender make our drinks and, to our surprise, the lemonades we had been consuming several times a day were ‘dirty lemonades’.  Thankfully, we walked and used taxis (with a view) to go places…

The patterns in this piece are leaf-like. They remind me to take notice of the abundance of leaf shapes, colors and patterns on our trails here in Redmond.

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