Cinderella Suddenly Had A Craving for Pumpkin Pie


Cinderella is a story told around the world.  In the Western version, she’s a good girl, upon whom life has dealt a harsh blow.  She continues to be kind and helpful, and is eventually rescued by a handsome Prince (would she have been so willing to leave had the Prince been less attractive?).

In my version of the story, Cinderella is hungry.  She’s been starving herself for a week in order to fit into her gorgeous designer gown, the one with the teeny waist.  After riding in a bumpy pumpkin-coach, she finally arrives at the ball.  But, at this point, the Prince can wait.  She’s hungry.  And the pumpkin coach has whetted her appetite for pumpkin pie!  After a piece of pie, she’ll consider the prince’s offer.

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